Why should I choose Zouza Recruitment?

We don’t send applicants...:

We send candidates! The difference may seem obvious but many recruiters try to impress by sending you a number of poorly-vetted CV's within an hour of your enquiry. Whilst we appreciate your need to hire as soon as possible, and we like to offer you choice, we will only submit candidates who we feel are suitable for your role. In our opinion it’s far better to hire the right person, rather than the first person.

Brand enhancement:

Let’s face it: not all companies are perceived the same, pay the same or have the same marketing budgets. This can impact on candidate attraction. By letting us get to know you and really understand your roles and culture, we can act as Brand Ambassadors, highlighting your benefits (career options, autonomy, a real insight into what it’s like to work for you), and represent you as an employer of choice.


You may not wish for people to know you’re hiring – you may not want an influx of e-mails and calls from unsuitable applicants, you may even be replacing a person who doesn’t yet know they are leaving! We don’t send out peoples details without their knowledge and we won’t tell candidates which organisations we are recruiting for until the appropriate time in the process either.

We save you time and money:

It’s a cliché because it’s true! We plan your recruitment strategy, advertise (if appropriate), filter, assess and communicate with applicants. We then act as intermediary when negotiating offers and terms and we take care of advising unsuccessful candidates. We save you considerable time and money at every step.

Extended reach:

You do not have all the talent in your ‘pool’! We focus on specific industry sectors and are in constant contact with active and passive job seekers. As well as receiving applications from a wide range of candidates, we will pro-actively search for the best people in your field who have the specific skills you need to make your hire a success.

Manage the Risk:

We typically operate on a contingency basis, so you only pay once you hire a person that we have introduced to you…and of course there is a full rebate schedule in the unlikely event that person is unsuitable. However, if you would like to retain our services, please call us to discuss your needs.